Alana & Dave's Wedding with Style

Alana & Dave's Wedding with Style

Alana & Daves Wedding was a blast! Absolutely beautiful couple both inside and out. Very happy to have created this set of images for these guys. Got to play with a giant bottle of Vodka, Caught Party Boy bursting his Party Pants all over the dancefloor and a Maserati, Yea there was a maserati!! 

We had to ensure we got images of the car as we don't often get to see Maserati's and so it became one hell of an expensive prop, I think It fit into the day quite nicely given the style and location we had. 

So enough about the car, Spending time and sharing laughs with Alana & Dave brought this little number back to mind and so ill leave you with this..

Three things that make my life complete
Are love, laughter, and you, my sweet
The laughter has lasted since day one
Loving you darling, has been so much fun

Whether it's giggles at the kitchen table
Or all out laughter wherever we're able
Each and every laugh, a symbol of our love
You're my everything, all I ever drempt of

Our love, now that's a bit more serious
Shining through when our laughter is delirious
Starting the day with love's tenderness
Saying goodnight with a sweet caress

Love, laughter, and of course you.
You bring into my life the other two
From the day we met, and for every single day
Love and laughter in our lives will stay 

Harry J. Couchon Jr

Thank you to the Galway Bay hotel for such great service and making us feel so welcome.

Church Music/Party by Nicola Mcguire and the Band, worth checking out ;)

And of course to Alana & Dave for having us.

Look forward to meeting up again. 

Ken & Áine

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