Invest in us!

Invest in us!

Hey guys, Welcome back to another one of our blog post but this time from one of our favourite couple's, Sheree & Eoin (not playing favourites but if you met them you would start planning holidays with them!)

We entitled this post INVEST IN US because that is exactly what we ask you all to do. Not just invest in us with money but more importantly, your time and your trust. That is exactly what Sheree & Eoin did, they invested in us and that is one of the main reasons why these amazing images must be shared with you via the blog. There is just too much for social media. 

They Invested there time with us which lead to the creation of the wonderful images you see before you. As we always say to each and everyone of you "We will always do the very best we can with the time you give us". The more time you can give us, the more we can give back to you, whether that's 20 minutes or a full 2 hours you are guaranteed 110% commitment to creating beautiful images like the ones you see before you!

Personally i would much rather you have to pull images out of your album because you feel your story has so many pages it rivals the bible, both in substance and weight! This is always a much happier dilemma as opposed to looking for images to try and fill an adequate story into your album. 

Sheree and Eoin have been together since they were teenagers and have been there for eachother through some really heart wrenching moments so in my opinion it was only fitting to try and immortalise the essence of their relationship and the strength of their bond. While they still flirt and make fun of each other just like they did as teenagers. From getting to know them both so well we know that when Eoin looks into Sherees eyes we could see that he sees his whole future in them. 

Its not always easy to portray people through the eyes of there loved ones but with enough trust in us and the more time we have the better the results. We do help by sharing our experiences on time with you and suggest times to you in order to keep your wedding day as stress free as possible. When under time pressure it almost becomes a job as opposed to one of the happiest days in your lives together. Rather than having fun with your guests or creating emotion with one another in your personal, romantic story photography, you can look a little stressed and the emotion between you less evident. 

We want you to remember every moment and to be able to enjoy it too! So eat the canapes, drink the champagne, cut the cake and dance your brand new shoes off because we will always be there to capture every moment. The trust and faith that people have in us is both uplifting and sometimes terrifying! But we love the challenge our career brings us!  We love seeing peoples eyes light up and well up at the same time. Its people like Sheree & Eoin here, that makes us appreciate what we do and thankful for each and everyone of you. 

Heres our love to you, you wonderful people!  

Lets never forget a moment! 




Your wedding album and why your story should be written

Your wedding album and why your story should be written